Postgraduate Scholarships
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Name: Savi Munjal
Nationality: Indian
Course: PhD
Scholarship: Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme (ORSAS) and University of Leeds Tetley & Lupton Scholarship

I am pursuing a PhD in English Literature at the University of Leeds. My research revolves around political caricatures produced in England at the time of the French Revolution. Since my project transcended strict disciplinary boundaries and lay somewhere at the cross-roads between English Literature, History and the Visual Arts it was very important for me to choose a university which encouraged inter-disciplinarity. I chose the University of Leeds over a host of other universities in the UK primarily because it met this criterion and offered expansive library facilities including access to archives and a host of primary resources.

I started corresponding with the academic staff at the School of English six months before I began applying and they were very helpful from the very beginning. Once I secured admission, my supervisors encouraged me to apply for a number of scholarships and kept in constant touch regarding the success/failure of the award(s). I am here on three scholarships worth a little under £50,000, all awarded by the University of Leeds - The ORSAS and The Tetley and Lupton Scholarship cover my tuition fee in its entirety while the Annual Maintenance Grant provides a monthly stipend.

I have been here for over a semester and the University has surpassed any expectations I had of it. The staff are friendly, my supervisors are very supportive and the libraries are brilliant. On a non-academic front too, the campus is constantly abuzz with activity - film festivals, fairs, concerts, plays and workshops. I have made friends from all over the world and have access to numerous opportunities for publication and an intellectually stimulating environment that fosters learning. What could be better?


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