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Name: Fayyaz Qadir
Nationality: Pakistani
Course: PhD
Scholarship: Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme (ORSAS) and University of Leeds Tetley & Lupton Scholarship

It was an extremely difficult decision for me to choose a University to conduct my PhD research. I chose Leeds because of the specialised expertise available in my research area, remarkable reputation of my potential lead supervisor and easy access to him, and finally the versatility of transport research of my host institute. Now after spending almost three years at the Institute for Transport Studies (ITS), University of Leeds, I am greatly proud of my decision.

I have been funded through a prestigious international scholarship to pursue my PhD research in transport modelling since 2006. This scholarship consists of Overseas Research Scholarship, Tetley and Lupton Scholarship and ITS Fellowship. The title of my research is ‘Incorporating Reliability into Network Modelling and Policy Analysis’. This research investigates the combined effect of journey travel cost and late arrival penalty at a destination to the travellers’ route choice decision, based on their risk-related preferences in response to the variability in their journey travel time. This behavioural response in turn helps a transport modeller to depict the variation in traffic flows over a transport network which provides a useful tool to assess various transport policy measures.

My motivation for my research is to be able to play a vital role in proposing sustainable transport solutions to alleviate road congestion, which has adverse effects on our health, economics, environment and climate. 

During my research I had a great opportunity to travel and study for a short time at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of California, Berkeley where I learned various techniques to model and simulate the transportation networks and presented my work at conferences held in Southampton (UK), London (UK), Athens (Greece) and Washington DC (USA).

In addition to the excellent research facilities at ITS, as a PhD research student, I greatly appreciate the International Office, Staff and Departmental Development Unit (SDDU), Joblink and Career Centre due to their outstanding help and guidance. Their support enabled me to get the UK student visa, to win the top prize in our 2008 Environment Conference, to increase my employability through getting part-time work experience during studies and finally to receive guidance in full-time job hunting.

My final words to the prospective student at ITS would be to prepare yourself for working hard, expanding professional and friendship networks and finally boosting your future career capabilities.   

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